Merchant Broker Services

Merchant Broker Services

Discount For Cash

Natalie Kloss-Biagini is the owner of Merchant Broker Services. This information is from her website. Many of our BNI members are working already with her and using this program. It is saving many over $1000/month. Please reach out to her if you would like to hear more.

Discount for Cash Saves You Money

Discount for Cash and Convenience fees changes the entire paradigm for a business owner by saving 90-95% per month on merchant fees. A flat fee gives you predictability each month no matter if you only do $100 a month in transactions of $100,000! The fee’s the same! This allows you to keep more and then DO MORE for your customers and your business!

Every business owner should evaluate if Discount for Cash can work for them. It can save a business thousands of dollars in processing fees over the year.

​Gas Stations have been offering this option for decades, Municipalities & Utilities have also operated under this model for decades and so are Liquor stores and other “in the know” businesses. Every state has it’s own regulations, and in Texas Discount For Cash is a legitimate business model with the appropriate signage placed where consumers can view before completing their purchase. 

Check out sample savings.

Offer your customers numerous ways to take payments:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • ACH/-E Check
  • Credit Card

​With a Credit Card payment a service fee/site fee/convenience fee/non-cash adjustment will be added of 4%. The customer gets their points on their reward credit card and you, the business owner pay a flat fee for your Merchant Services. You can process a $100 or $100,000 in a month and your fee will remain the same. This can be done in person, via e-Commerce and mobile transactions for Trade Businesses.

Natalie Kloss-Biagini

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