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Thermal Imaging and Infrared Inspections

Professional and Comprehensive Thermal Imaging Inspections.

About Thermal Vision

Thermal Vision specializes in advanced thermal imaging services, offering a window into the unseen aspects of buildings and machinery. Our expertise spans detecting hidden moisture, identifying insulation voids, ensuring electrical safety, and optimizing energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. By translating thermal data into actionable insights, Thermal Vision empowers clients to enhance their property’s integrity, reduce energy costs, and commit to a sustainable future.

Commercial Electrical Infrared

 Our certified Thermal Vision staff conduct detailed thermographic assessments of commercial electrical systems in line with NFPA 70B standards. Using advanced thermography, we precisely identify electrical inefficiencies, ensuring safety and optimal performance. You receive a thorough report, customized to address the specific requirements of your commercial property. 

Commercial Roof Infrared

Our Thermal Vision team specializes in commercial roof inspections, utilizing advanced thermographic technology to detect potential issues before they escalate. We provide a detailed analysis of the roof’s condition, identifying areas prone to leaks, insulation weaknesses, and other inefficiencies. Each inspection is followed by a compr

Commercial Roof Thermal Scan

Full Home Energy Audits

Our Thermal Vision professionals offer home energy inspections, leveraging advanced thermography to uncover hidden inefficiencies. We meticulously evaluate your home’s insulation, air leaks, and thermal bridging, providing a detailed report with tailored recommendations for energy-saving solutions and improved home comfort.

Home Energy Scan



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